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Green Armor Solutions Anti-Phishing Partners

Green Armor Solutions partners with regional resellers, technology companies, and independent software vendors to provide unparalleled protection from phishing, pharming, and related fraud.

Channel Partners - Authorized Resellers

Resellers combine their technology expertise and knowledge of customer environments to successfully deliver Green Armor Solutions' innovative Identity Cues suite of products and protect customers from phishing, pharming, and other forms of online fraud.

Green Armor Solutions provides its resellers with generous pricing arrangements, as well as with sales and technical support.

For more information on Green Armor Solutions' channel partner program please contact us at

Technology Partners

Green Armor Solutions' technology partners leverage the Identity Cues series of products to enhance their own offerings with easy-to-use two-factor and two-way (mutual) authentication technology. Integrating Green Armor Solutions' technology into their products offers our partners a competitive advantage as well as an additional revenue stream.

For more information on Green Armor Solutions' technology partner program please contact us at


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