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Six Credit Unions Choose Green Armor Solutions’ Identity Cues Two Factor for FFIEC and NCUA Compliant Two-Factor & Two-Way (Mutual) Authentication

Ease of Deployment, Simplicity for Users, and Low Total Cost of Ownership Cited as Criteria for Decision

March 13, 2006 - Hackensack, NJ - Six credit unions from across the United States are implementing Green Armor Solutions’ Identity Cues Two Factor authentication and anti-phishing system, Green Armor Solutions announced today.

Hartford Healthcare Credit Union, Sterling Van Dyke Credit Union, State Police Credit Union, Metropolitan District Employees Credit Union, Fairfield County Federal Credit Union, and Homeport Federal Credit Union all chose Identity Cues Two Factor over various alternatives because of its ease of deployment, simplicity for users, and low cost.

Identity Cues Two Factor will allow the credit unions to improve authentication for online banking and to meet new FFIEC and NCUA guidelines without sacrificing user friendliness, and without having to endure a complicated and costly enrollment process. The system also provides simple and straightforward mutual authentication, helping to protect credit union members from phishing scams without requiring effort on their part.

“We are excited to have been chosen as the authentication and anti-phishing platform for six established credit unions,” said Joseph Steinberg, CEO of Green Armor Solutions. “Their choice of Identity Cues Two Factor shows that these institutions are serious about both security and customer satisfaction.”

Green Armor Solutions’ Identity Cues series of enterprise software products leverage a combination of psychology and technology to deliver both maximum security and maximum user convenience. Two-factor authentication and protection against phishing are both achieved without requiring user enrollment, without complicating the user login process, and without requiring users to carry any security devices. Green Armor Solutions’ products require minimal ongoing maintenance and sport a far lower Total Cost of Ownership than alternative technologies.

Financial institutions around the globe are seeking to improve authentication and reduce fraud, but many security technologies are simply too complex and too expensive to be rolled out to general users without risking adverse customer reactions and high ongoing costs. The simplicity of the Identity Cues series of products makes it ideal for authenticating consumers and for protecting against online fraud.

More information about the Identity Cues series of products can be found on the Green Armor Solutions web site at: .

About Green Armor Solutions

Green Armor Solutions offers innovative solutions to information-security challenges facing today’s businesses. Its Identity Cues series of products (all patent-pending) leverage a unique blend of psychology and technology to help deliver maximum security with maximum user convenience. They provide strong two-factor authentication (exceeding FFIEC guidelines) as well as effective protection from phishing, pharming, and online fraud, while allowing users to continue to enjoy the simple, comfortable user experience with which they are already familiar.


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