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Brandimensions Broadens Anti-Phishing Offering with Online Authentication Capabilities Powered by Green Armor Solutions

Provides Financial Services Organizations with Comprehensive Identity Theft Management

May 17, 2006 - Toronto - Brandimensions, Inc., an international leader in the online brand protection and market intelligence industries, announced today that it has expanded its Phishing Attack Management offering to include authentication capabilities, powered by Green Armor Solutions, a leading provider of mutual and two-factor online authentication technology. Through an OEM partnership agreement, Brandimensions will provide Green Armor Solutions’ Identity Cues suite of products together with its phishing take-down services to banks and other financial institutions, enabling them to easily combat identity theft/phishing attacks and meet Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines.

In order to effectively fight identity theft, banks need to demonstrate to the FFIEC as well as to consumers that online banking systems are secure and confidential. In order to do this, financial organizations require solutions that protect their customers while still being aggressive on taking down fraudulent, phishing or pharming sites. Brandimensions’ comprehensive Anti-Phishing offering combines Green Armor’s leading two-factor and mutual authentication technology with a 24x7 phishing response team for a complete end-to-end solution. With Brandimensions, organizations can reduce exposure to financial losses incurred due to phishing, protect sensitive customer information from being compromised and more easily address security and privacy requirements as part of compliance initiatives for FFIEC/NCUA Authentication, HIPAA and GLBA.

“Good corporate citizenship entails not just taking down phishing attacks but being part of the solution to prevent further attacks from occurring,” said Ted Morris, senior vice president, strategy and corporate development, Brandimensions. “To that end, Brandimensions is committed to building sustainable partnerships that broaden our anti-phishing platform. Green Armor Solutions was an obvious choice for a technology partner as the company provides solutions that both strengthen an organization’s security as well as offer a better end-user experience and a lower total cost of ownership than any alternative on the market.”

Complementing Brandimensions’ phishing take-down services, Green Armor’s Identity Cues suite of enterprise software products provides financial services organizations the ability to further protect their own clients from phishing attacks, while allowing users to continue to enjoy the simple, comfortable user experience with which they are already familiar. The systems leverage a unique combination of technology and psychology to deliver two-factor authentication and protection against phishing without requiring user enrollment or complicating the user login process, increasing both security and customer satisfaction.

“Consumers are continuing to lose confidence in conducting business online due to the growing threats of identity theft and online fraud, and some banking security practices have complicated the matter by increasing consumer frustration,” said Shira Rubinoff, president, Green Armor Solutions. “By combining our superior, user-friendly authentication products with Brandimensions’ services that identify and shut down phishing attacks with the industry’s fastest response times, financial services companies can minimize the threat of these attacks, allowing both the firms and their customers to rest easier.”

About Brandimensions Inc.
Incorporated in 2001, Brandimensions delivers actionable market intelligence and brand protection solutions that solve everyday business challenges. The company’s unique methodology, which combines the power of technology with the intelligence of human analysis, enables the delivery of industry leading practices and programs in market intelligence and brand protection. Brandimensions is a rapidly-growing, client-focused, ambitious company quickly establishing itself as the industry benchmark in both Market Intelligence and Brand Protection services. Brandimensions believes in its clients and is committed to delivering an actionable business service to the best of its abilities each and every day. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Brandimensions’ offices are located in the United Sates and Singapore.

About Green Armor Solutions Inc.

Green Armor Solutions offers innovative solutions to information-security challenges facing today's businesses. Its Identity Cues™ series of products (all patent-pending) leverage a unique blend of psychology and technology to help deliver maximum security with maximum user convenience. They provide strong two-factor and mutual authentication (exceeding FFIEC and NCUA guidelines) as well as effective protection from phishing, pharming, and online fraud while allowing users to continue to enjoy the simple, comfortable user experience with which they are already familiar. Identity Cues products can help companies address security and privacy requirements as part of compliance initiatives for FFIEC/NCUA Authentication, HIPAA, and GLBA.



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Note: This press release issued by Brandimensions on May 17, 2006.

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