Green Armor Successfully Secures Against Risks of Epsilon Breach

Psychology-Based Security: Proven Defense Against Phishing


April 7, 2011 - Hackensack, NJ - Green Armor Solutions, a leading provider of information security software, noted today that its psychology-based anti-phishing technology has successfully been defending users against phishing attacks for over five years, and can help mitigate the risks created by the recent Epsilon breach.


Security experts expect a significant increase in targeted phishing activity due to the compromise of several major firms’ email lists. Green Armor’s technology continues to dramatically defend against phishing by enabling even unsophisticated users to tell the difference between legitimate and phishing web sites – without forcing users to install any software, undergo a registration process, or suffer through extra steps during the login process. By leveraging psychology in the design of its products, Green Armor delivers better security without the usability tradeoffs common across the industry.


According to media reports, among the firms whose customers may be at increased risk for phishing attacks due to the recent Epsilon breach are Barclays Bank (NYSE:BCS), Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE:COF), Citigroup (NYSE:C), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM), U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB), Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), Ethan Allen (NYSE:ETH), the Kroger grocery chain (NYSE:KR), the Home Shopping Network (NASDAQ:HSN), Walgreens (NYSE:WAG), Target (NYSE:TGT), Hilton and Marriott (NYSE:MAR).


"The recent Epsilon breach highlights the need for firms conducting business online to utilize proven anti-phishing technology," said Joseph Steinberg, C.E.O. of Green Armor Solutions. "Green Armor's unparalleled ease of use, coupled with its leading-edge and highly successful anti-phishing technology, allows organizations to secure themselves and protect their customers against phishing attacks without sacrificing ease of use.”

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Green Armor Solutions offers innovative solutions to information-security challenges facing today’s businesses. Its Identity Cues series of products leverage a unique blend of psychology and technology to help deliver maximum security with maximum user convenience. They provide strong two-factor authentication and site authentication thereby helping to protect against phishing, pharming, and online fraud, while allowing users to continue to enjoy the simple, comfortable user experience with which they are already familiar. Identity Cues authentication products can help companies address security and privacy requirements as part of compliance initiatives for FFIEC/NCUA Authentication, HIPAA, and GLBA. Green Armor’s systems help secure numerous financial environments including those at First Bank, EPIC Advisors, dozens of hospitals, and hundreds of credit unions. For more information please visit:


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