Technical Defenses Failing as Psychological Approaches Deliver Security


June 5, 2012 - Hackensack, NJ – Joseph Steinberg, C.E.O. of Green Armor Solutions, a leading provider of online security technology, today discussed recent congressional testimony that stated that phishing remains the most popular attack method that criminals use to infect victims' computers.


Michele Cantley, testifying on behalf of the Financial Services Information Sharing & Analysis Center, a nonprofit organization funded by financial services companies, made the comments on Friday in front of a House Financial Services panel.


In an interview this morning, Green Armor’s CEO and respected cybersecurity expert, Joseph Steinberg (CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, CSSLP), noted that over a decade has passed since phishing became a popular attack method, yet not only has it not been contained, but it has also advanced to become the number one method for infecting victims’ machines. “Such a situation,” Steinberg said, “is clear evidence that numerous anti-phishing technologies are failing. One major reason is that they often attempt to curtail phishing by implementing technical infrastructure that completely ignores the source of the phishing problem. Phishing exploits a human weakness, not a technological vulnerability, and attempts to curb phishing that do not address the core problem will never successfully eliminate the problem.”


“The best way to protect people against phishing is to enable humans to distinguish legitimate entities from fraudulent ones, regardless of how the phishing solicitation reaches them, or what technologies are utilized behind the scenes. This can be achieved by leveraging real, psychologically-sound site authentication and the human response mechanism behind it, but not by implementing complicated technologies that can, at best, only deliver partial success, and, which, at worst, may condition users to fall prey to even more scams that they would have without the technology in place.”


Organizations can now successfully combat phishing with ease. Green Armor’s SiteAuth™, which is available in what is known as an API format (Application Programming Interface), complements and seamlessly overlays existing login and authentication systems. It utilizes psychologically-sound visual cues that make it obvious whether a user has landed on a legitimate web page or has been directed to a clone that will steal data and possibly money – all without requiring users to register, answer challenge questions, or undergo any extra steps during the login process.


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